I have been reading about how the Daily Union is a local newspaper and I guess I’m missing something.

On Monday’s all of the Shelby County schools have the lunches published for the coming week. But did you see Shelbyville schools? I called back in the fall and asked why and I was told I should call the school and request they send them into the paper. I am not a reporter or correspondent and feel the local lunches should be on the top of the list. My only other thought is perhaps enough families didn’tdsee them in the paper and quit buying it

Lee Ann Stevens

(Editor’s note: The Daily Union continues to request the lunch menus from Shelbyville schools , but they do not send them. Our hope is that if other people will call the school and ask them to send the menu to the newspaper, maybe the district will fulfill our request. Many items in the Daily Union are published because they are submitted items. If requested items are not submitted they cannot be published.)

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